Why do your feet hurt and NOT your hands?

Why do your feet hurt and NOT your hands?

These days of Holy Week I have seen many people complaining about their feet. (At the end I leave you a photo).

A lot of them.

Simply for standing or walking. At the end I leave you a photo with what they did to relieve the pain.

And this, so common and normal nowadays, is very absurd.

We are the only species on Earth that complains about doing what we were born to do.

You see.

Do you remember Bequer's poem, the one that said: The dark Golondrinas on your balcony will return to hang their nests ...

A classic from my adolescence that becomes true every spring, as they make a nest on my house facade.

The flight of these Golondrinas has reminded me of us humans and how far we are from our essence.

The Golondrina's fly at great speed and make impossible turns. Yet they do not complain about their wings.

That would be absurd.

Humans complain about walking. Our simplest movement.

Very absurd.

The difference?

One is that Golondrinas don't protect their wings.

Can you imagine seeing them with a wing-covering?

A rigid one, which would narrow its feathers, heavy and modify its wings. But with its Nike symbol printed on it.

It's absurd to even imagine.

We humans protect our feet all the time from the moment we are born.

And it's worse, because more than protecting, we overprotect.

A thin layer that separates us from dirt, protects us from extreme temperatures and very abrasive surfaces is not enough.

From such footwear, we have moved on to thick, rigid, narrow and heavy soles, which weaken your feet and increase your pain in the form of bunions, chafing, fasciitis, spurs, neurons, corns, calluses, .... and a long etcetera.

It is normal that your feet hurt.

You complain just for walking and rightly so.

And despite the fact that we are beings with two legs, that we have been walking barefoot for millions of years, I still hear some enlightened person saying that if Nike sells it, it can't be bad.

That it is better to move all your life with crutches (the Nike ones) than to take the time to strengthen your feet, to recover the linearity of your toes, your flexibility and your sensitivity.

Look out, your feet will learn to know where you're going and there's no going back.

Because one thing is clear.

If you wear minimalist footwear, you will hardly ever go back to the shoes you find in any shoe shop.

The rule holds true.

Less is more.

Less shoe, more you.

More foot.

If you have any doubts, remember the flight of the golondrinas.

Light, agile, fast, simple ..... as your feet should be.

Health starts with them.

- Antonio Caballo.

Ps. The photo with a solution for foot pain. Another more logical one is to change shoes.


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  • Juan Lopez Zapata

    Juan Lopez 04/24/2022

    Como siempre... con más razón que un Santo!!!!

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