When Chema is training, people look at him weirdly for this

When Chema is training, people look at him weirdly for this

Let's talk about the gym, crossfit, powerlifting or anything you do in a room while lifting weights barefoot or with minimalist shoes.

When Chema goes to the gym in his Merrell Vapor (flat and thin), the following happens to him:

Some people look at him weird.

Others tell him that he'll break his feet when he wears them.

And the smart ones ask you.

Why do minimalist shoes attract attention in the gym?

Chema says:

"What catches their attention is that they are shoes without cushioned soles and it's like the feeling of being barefoot.

People go there to train their legs and when they do squats they go barefoot or with Vans (or Converse-type) footwear, because the sole is flat.

But of course, they do it because they see it on bodybuilding videos, they don't know the benefits of training barefoot or with flat, wide soles."


Stability is everything when lifting weights.

Lifting a dumbbell while your knees wobble like a flan is like trying to build a tower without a foundation.

Eventually the tower will wobble and fall.

That's what will happen to your knees.

Your meniscus will break down, you'll have to undergo surgery or some alternative treatment.

What do you need to make your knees stable?

The most obvious and simplest thing is to start with what gives you stability, your feet.

And this is only from a stability point of view, because when you remove the heel height also improves your range of motion.

"And will I be able to do a deep squat barefoot?"

Yes, sure, but give yourself time.

"Remember what your arm looked like after a few weeks in a cast?"

That's what your feet look like after years of restrictive shoes, that squeeze your toes, that change your posture and tilt your foot down....

So give them time, start barefoot at home and with minimalist shoes for your daily tasks.

It's the best way to improve.

Without noticing it.

Without any extra effort.

Little by little your feet will get stronger and then you will be able to show off both strong arms and feet.

As it happens to Chema.

Other shoes that work your feet, give you stability and don't shorten your range of movement are these:

  • Xero Shoes Prio. With a traction outsole for maximum traction on dirty surfaces.
  • Geo Racer II. If your feet get sweaty, these are the most breathable.
  • Geo Racer Knit. So that you feel the slippers like a glove. Its knit will make you feel the comfort of a slippers while you are in the gym.

The health of your knees starts with your feet.

- Antonio Caballo.

Pd. And if you are a woman, the same benefits:

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