The rush kills and the mobile top you off

The rush kills and the mobile top you off

A girl turns up one afternoon.

She's looking for something to walk in the mountains.

And she wants to have the same sensations as when she uses her Vivobarefoot in the city. A 100% minimalist shoe with very thin sole.

Angel brings her some similar shoes with a thicker sole than the ones she uses.

When she tries them on she says no. That she needs less sole.

'I'm afraid of going backwards.' -she says. 'If I put more sole, my foot won't get better. I have a cavus foot and I don't want it to hurt.'

What Ana says is true, the thicker the sole, the less you feel the ground and that has consequences for your bones and your circulation.


There is one thing you have to take into account: comfort.

'How do your feet end up when you end up hiking?' -asks Angel.

'The sole feels like it's burnt', -replies Ana.

Well, that tells you that you need more protection.

Look, minimalism doesn't mean suffering. Nor does more suffering mean more progress.

Sometimes, because we want to go too fast, we go slower.

'The body adapts to stress, but too much stress weakens it', -concludes Ángel.

And this reality is not always seen.

Ana ended up with bad sensations because her feet were not adapted.

She needs time, especially if she has been wearing tight, narrow, high-heeled shoes for 40 years.

Now she has realised that she has to take care of her feet. Give her everything she hasn't had before:

Space for her toes

Freedom and lightness.

Sensations with every step.

And a flat surface on which to rest her feet.

But she is afraid and her fear is simply haste.

A rush, to regain that which he lost and which she needs so much to stay young.

But if there is one thing we have to run away from, it is precisely that.

As I heard a Saharawi say on a trip through the Moroccan Atlas:

'Hurries kill and the mobile phone finishes off.'

To go without haste, feeling each step as unique as it is, you have two options:

Health starts with your feet.

Antonio Caballo.

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  • Toni Fiol Pastor

    Toni Fiol Pastor 08/14/2022

    Me encantan estos post , es mi tienda preferida y siempre que puedo os recomiendo.

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