When I started minimalist running I was afraid

When I started minimalist running I was afraid

It took Darwin 30 years to publish his theory of evolution.

The reason: he was afraid.

His theory went against religion, as it materialised the soul, and you know how those who launched ideas against the creed ended up.

And yet today nothing is understood except in the light of evolution.

It leads the way.

If we want to live more than 100 years, we must allow ourselves to be enlightened by it.

I tell you this because when I started to run minimalist, to cut the soles of my shoes and to remove everything that affected the foot, I also felt fear.

Fear of social rejection, of not belonging to a group for the simple fact of running differently and using shoes without cushioning.

So much so that in the group photo before the Seville Marathon they erased the logo from my T-shirt with Photoshop.

The logo of the blog I had created to publicise the benefits of barefoot running: correrdescalzos.es.

The person(s) who did that hid in the anonymity of the group and never came out of their burrow.

That along with other rejections hurt me, but like a healing mantra I kept repeating to myself over and over again:

'First they laugh at you, then they attack you, finally they copy you.'

And so it was, because years later you find most, if not all of them, running as I describe in the blog articles and which materialised in this 50-page Guide.


The human foot evolved for movement: running, walking, dancing, jumping...

And if there is a shoe that resembles a barefoot, it is a minimalist sandal.

There is no other shoe that gives you that feeling of freedom, of not wearing anything on your feet, of being barefoot.

It gives you so much that at first you won't know how to use it.

Used to closed shoes, you will try to make the sandal fit your foot like chewing gum stuck in your head, but sandals are different.

They should feel adjusted, but free.

Not too tight, not too loose.

One trick is to think of it as a portable floor, and with every step the sandal appears under your foot, without you having to do anything.

The Zauri Hanami is the most similar to wearing nothing at all.

Because its sole is only 6mm thick.

Because it is flat, extremely flexible and weighs the same as a pack of clines.

And because with use it will feel like a second skin.

'Nothing in life makes sense unless it is in the light of evolution' -T. Dobzhansky

Health starts with your feet.

Antonio Caballo.

P.S. You can change the strap on this sandal and choose the colour you like.

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