Be careful with the Scam pages of barefoot shoes

Be careful with the Scam pages of barefoot shoes

Last week I told you that minimalism is in fashion again (that's 3 times already), and as the previous times, fake barefoot shoes sales pages have skyrocketed.

At the time, Vibram Fivefingers was the one who suffered the most from fraud. There were hundreds of websites scamming with ridiculously low prices.

These shoes revolutionised the sector with models that had never been seen before and that offered (offer) an unequalled sensation of feeling the ground. Having each toe separate and a sole of just a few millimetres is as close as you can get to the real barefoot feeling.

Merrell's barefoot line followed, with its iconic Merrell Trail Glove model.

This model was so popular that they even sold it for a while in Decathlon, but since they didn't know what they were selling, it stayed on the shelves.

Today, their version 7 is still a reference, with a more versatile and flatter sole. The sole no longer has the false arch support, loved and hated alike.

((which was loved by many and hated by others)).

And now it's Vivobarefoot's turn to suffer it.

This brand offers unique designs, with very thin and resistant soles so that you feel the ground, but you are protected from anything you step on.

Like Fivefingers, there are many websites with low prices.

So low, that it would be cheaper to buy them from them than from the brand itself.

And although this price should already make you doubt, there are people who bite.

David wrote to me by wasap:

"I had a very bad experience at Christmas with a website that looked like a Vivobarefoot outlet and ripped me off for 120 euros".

As my grandmother used to say: "Nobody gives a penny for a pound."

So beware of websites that do NOT offer advice, nor telephone contact, reliable wasap or a physical shop where you can come and try on the shoes.

To finish, I leave you the comments about ZaMi's minimalist shoes and about the advice received.

Jorge, about the Lems Primal Pursuit Mid Waterproof:
"Due to an operation on my foot, I have had to wear these boots every day. I have never had such comfortable and functional boots. Perfect".

Carmen on the Lems Primal Zen:
"Second minimalist pair and it's true what they say: there's no going back. Wide, comfortable, beautiful, resistant. Perfect sole for transition. Perfect service."

Cristina about the Be Lenka Bellisima Bellisima:
"Very comfortable. In my case I had to order a size up. Great service!!!"

Marta about Groundies Nova GO1:
"They are my first groundies and will not be the last, they are very comfortable, it's nice to walk with them, and they have a beautiful design, you can not ask for more, by the way thanks Rafa for your help in the purchase, you're a crack!!!"

And about the counseling:


So up to 340 comments spread across all ZaMi models and more than 300 in the google comments.

And all this for a purpose:

Sell ​​footwear that respects your feet, because health begins with them.

Antonio Caballo.

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  • Cristina Castelló

    Cristina Castelló 04/30/2023

    Tienes toda la razón.
    Buscando unas Groundies, me apareció un outlet de ésos que comentas.
    La falta de cualquier medio de contacto me hizo sospechar, además de la gran diferencia de precios...
    Un saludo y gracias por toda la información que dáis!!

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