The worst decision of a woman who cannot walk for her daughter who has flat feet

The worst decision of a woman who cannot walk for her daughter who has flat feet

Having flat feet and recomend you shoes with reinforcements and insoles is a classic.

No one disputes it.

It's an established belief and as such, you believe in it without thinking about it.

Beliefs have that. They make your life easier, but they make you walk through it like a robot. You don't think, you just act.

And that, at certain times, is fine, but when it comes to health, your health, you'd better switch off the automatic and take the reins.

Otherwise others will do it for you.

And I'm telling you this because this week a middle-aged woman came into the shop with her teenage daughter to buy some shoes.

The woman was having trouble walking. She was walking with her legs open, taking small steps and when she moved it felt like her legs weighed a ton.

She was wearing sneakers. They are nice, but with a fat sole and a pointed toe.

They are not for her, but for her daughter who has flat feet. She wants a pair of ballet flats that will tuck her feet in.

I explain to her that I don't have rigid or reinforced shoes, that I sell minimalist shoes and that they are just the opposite of what she is looking for.

The woman seems to listen to me, but looking at the display, she blurts out:

  • "Why are they so wide?"
  • "Why are they flat?"
  • "Why don't they reinforce the bridge?"

"I used to go to Seville to buy shoes, I've always liked to be fashionable. Now that I can't walk, I can't go".

I take out three different models of ballet flats.

One, the Xero Cassie, has a strap on the instep to fit the foot better, but the woman says that they don't fit her daughter's feet, she goes to the display and points to another pair of shoes.

When I ask her if she wants to try them on, she says no, she wants a pair of ballet flats that will fit her daughter's foot.

And me again:

"Shoes should have a sole of a few millimetres, so that your feet can feel the ground and get stronger.

Also, being closer to the ground your feet will have less roll."

I let her assimilate the information and continue.

"Because they're wider, they don't squeeze your toes, there's more movement, more blood flow and more stability.

And they are flat so that the weight of the body is distributed all over the foot and the heel doesn't modify your back."

But the woman is not convinced and leaves.

She looks for a pair of ballerina flats with reinforcements and when there aren't any, she leaves.

It happens sometimes.

There is none so blind as those who don't want to see.


Flat Feet.

Two options:

1-. Wear shoes with reinforcements and insoles.

Depend all your life on 'crutches' for your feet, with all the side effects that entails.

2-. Remove all reinforcements and supports and let the foot work.

Little by little, progressing daily.

For the second option, it's best to go barefoot.

And in the street, with minimalist shoes with a few millimetres of sole.

The closer to the ground, the more stability, the less twisting of your ankles, and the less likely you are to sprain them.

By the way, do you know what shoes the woman was looking at?

When I was a kid there was a pair of trainers I used to wear a lot in summer.

They were good for everything, playing ball, basketball, running, jumping, even going for a walk with my parents.

The upper part was made of fabric, so that the feet could perspire, and the sole was flexible and white.

Very similar to these Groundies:

Health starts with your feet.

Antonio Caballo.

Pd. The same shoes in women's sizes: Groundies Brooklyn.

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