Feet open in summer

Feet open in summer

Today's topic is about feet that 'open up' in summer and grow with casts.

You'll see.

A few months ago I met a neighbour in his early 40s in a wheelchair.

His leg was in a cast at the ankle.

He told me that he'd broken his ankle on a stumbling block, but he didn't even know how he'd done it, that he'd done it without tripping over anything.

That he twisted his ankle and broke it.

Well, this week I bumped into him and what he told me gave me food for thought.

He had just come from throwing out the rubbish. His house is about 70 metres from the bin.

He was in bad shape.


When I ask him about his ankle, he tells me with a pained face that it's up to the b**ls.

That it won't heal, that he can't stand the crutches any more and that he's fed up.

That he can't even throw the rubbish away, that his foot is swollen and that he was looking forward to getting home to put it up.

And that he has been told that with the plaster cast the foot opens up and that's why he feels the pressure more.

Phew. I think about it before answering.

But I can't keep quiet and even less when I see that the shoes he's wearing are the narrowest I've seen lately.

A pair of Scalper sneakers, so pointy they look like the tip of a pencil.

His feet didn't fit, he wore them like sausages inside.

I say to him:

"Actually with the plaster your foot has regained its natural width.

The foot is like the hand, wider at the front.

It's just that the shoe you're wearing doesn't give it room".

"I don't know," he says.

I'm fed up", and he says goodbye complaining.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I can't believe that when they put him in plaster they told him that his foot was going to get wider.

As if it would magically grow.

In summer, something similar happens.

There is always someone who tells me that their foot 'opens up' when they wear sandals.

And it's not that it opens up, what happens is that it recovers its natural shape when you give it space: wider at the front than at the back.

But as the footwear is made the other way round, what happens is what happens:

Squeezed toes, crowded, mounted, clawed, hammertoe....

And more serious: metatarsalgia, Morton's neuroma, bunions...

In short, nothing that you don't know if you come here every week.

The good thing is that there is a solution.

Sometimes, it's as simple as changing your footwear to one that respects the anatomy of your feet.

Vivobarefoot Primus lite IIIs have been opening up feet and making them wider for years.

Stronger, actually.

For men, women and children.

And if your feet are the kind that are already broken in, you need a tool to straighten them out.

The best one I know is Correct Toes. I've been selling them for over 10 years with 0 problems.

Health starts at the base: YOUR FEET.

Antonio Caballo.

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