The reaction of a podiatrist who would make Darwin crazy

The reaction of a podiatrist who would make Darwin crazy

That a podiatrist freaks out with a child's minimalist shoes tells you two things:

    1. Something is going wrong at the universities.
    2. Something is being done right by all those who talk about the benefits of barefoot.

The situation is as follows.

A woman takes her child to the podiatrist.

Something normal or perhaps not so normal.

It is increasingly common to hear parents say that they have taken their children to the podiatrist: because of a foot problem, because they walk badly....

Let's see, let's take the example of the hands, as in previous posts.

Can you imagine saying that you have to take your child to the 'handstrist' because he doesn't know how to use his/her hands?

They also have 5 fingers, but unlike feet, from birth they are allowed to move in any direction and do not wear any protection.

You know, a wear gloves when it is cold. But just in that case.

And yet no one complains about hand problems.

What about the feet?

Quite the opposite.

They are protected, over-protected and re-protected.

Don't let the repetition of the word bother you, and yes, the overprotection that is usually given to the little ones.

Overprotection in mothers is a classic.

Who hasn't heard about it:

    ⁃ Child, put on your slippers, you'll catch a cold!

In our case the overprotection refers to:

    ⁃ Shoes with thick and hard soles.
    ⁃ Stiff and narrow shoes.
    ⁃ With heel.

By the way, why do children's shoes wear them?

No idea.

What is their function apart from modifying the curves of the back, shortening the Achilles tendon and taking away range of movement from the hips?


What's more, why does it have to be a shoe as stiff and narrow as a goat's hoof?

So they cannot move.

You know that a joint without movement atrophies it.

So the child's foot will not be able to develop, the problems and the dizziness of the parents looking for a solution will appear.

Almost nothing.

Going back to the visit to the podiatrist, do you know what he said when he saw the Merrell minimalist for children?

He was amazed.

That was his reaction.

He didn't expect to find a shoe like a foot.

With the only function of protecting it, a little bit.

That's all.
Nothing else.
The rest is done by the foot, which is what it is for.

Something that Darwin, the father of evolution, would have very clear.

If you think about it, the reaction of the chiropodist is not unusual.

Every shoe in the office should be a "whoopee!" and.... let's dress up as a drag queen.

In short.

For the children, for you, for everyone: Shoes as feet. Not the other way around.

The so-called minimalists, like the Merrells our protagonist wore.
Below the model and other similar ones.

To dress up like Halloween, the rest of the non minimalist shoes.

That's really scary.

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  • Toni Almirón Ruiz

    Toni Almirón Ruiz 11/02/2020

    Buenas, Jose Francisco. Lo que viene a continuación es un intento de crear debate, no de intentar ser más listo ;)
    Como yo entiendo la comparación es así:
    Los pies y las manos tienen articulaciones y se mueven. Si dejamos de moverlas pierden rango de movilidad, los músculos se atrofian y otros tejidos también cambian.
    No sé si importa mucho si son órganos que reciben o dan información. De todas maneras creo que los pies hacen ambas cosas (reciben información de la superficie que tocan y responden adaptándose a ella).
    Un saludo.
  • Jose Francisco Perez del Pozo

    Jose Francisco Perez del Pozo 11/01/2020

    Buenas noches, soy podólogo y cuando voy calzado siempre lo hago con calzado minimalista desde hace 4 años. Soy cliente suyo. Con todos mis respetos, no se puede comparar los pies con las manos, puesto que al caminar o correr los pies cierran la cadena cinética y son un captor( una aferencia de información) para nuestro sistema nervioso que no son nunca las manos al caminar o correr, por lo que la patología e importancia de los pies no es comparable a la de las manos al caminar. Un saludo.

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