If you say you are short you can do what Tom or Messi does

If you say you are short you can do what Tom or Messi does

If you say you are short and your feet hurt you can choose between:

Imitate Tom Cruise or do the Messi thing.

Let me explain.

I have a friend who does like Tom and to look taller he wears a 'good' shoe.

One that has a 4 cm heel.

The 'good' is because my friend relates it to the price.

If it's expensive it's good'.

But when he wears it he says his feet hurt.

Well, expensive and painful.

He says his feet feel compressed and even fall asleep.

And at home, when he is barefoot they don't hurt.

But as the saying goes: 'To show off you have to suffer'.

So, as he wants to look taller even though his feet hurt, he continues to wear them.

In other words, he does what Tom Cruise does.

When he was in Seville, the Sevillians said that he looked taller than in the films.

What many didn't know was that his shiny shoes concealed a 10 cm rise.

Purely a question of aesthetics.

Tom, in part, lives of his image.

And sometimes working can be painful.


I don't know if Tom's feet hurt as much as my friend's.

But if you wear shoes with heels or high heels day by day, the following will happen to you:

  • You are going to modify the curves of your back. The natural ones, the ones that evolution designed. And if it doesn't hurt yet, it will hurt.
  • You will shorten your leg muscles, calf and soleus muscles, and your Achilles tendon will lose elasticity. And if it doesn't hurt yet, it will hurt.
  • Your ankle will lose mobility. You will find it harder to walk, go up and down stairs, bend down... and if it doesn't hurt yet, it will hurt.
  • You will change your centre of gravity. There will be more pressure on the front of your feet, on your knees...and if it doesn't hurt yet....

My friend and Tom aren't the only ones. The issue of wearing heels because of height is very common.

Paco, a customer, has the same thing.

He says:

I've always been reluctant to very flat things because I'm not very tall and I felt like they didn't look good on me; but I want to try.

My wife, who is like me in height, I bought her some Merrell Trail Glove and now some Xero Oswego and she feels very good in them.

What shoes could you recommend for walking that can also be used in the mountains?....

As you can see, Paco's wife doesn't care about height.

She feels great in her minimalist shoes.

She does the Messi thing.

Now I'll tell you what Paco did.

I go on.

Messi doesn't mind about wearing flat shoes.

You know, football shoes don't have heels.

Can you imagine Messi running and dribbling in heels?

And when it comes to imitating someone, what better than someone who moves with Messi's coordination, speed and strength?

Purely a question of movement.

Another thing you can imitate from Messi is what he does when he finishes training.

He takes off his football shoes and shoots free kicks barefoot.

To get more feeling.
To relax the muscles in his feet and legs.

Paco, after thinking about who to imitate, prefers to do what Messi does.

Our protagonist wanted to have more sensations when walking and running in the mountains.

That's why he chose flat shoes with a sole that would allow him to feel all the irregularities of the terrain:

The Primus Trail FG

This minimalist trail running shoe is for running on rocky terrains.

If in your area the ground is softer, it rains frequently and there is mud, you'd better use the same shoes but with the SG outsole.

Primus Trail SG

What about you?

If you had to choose between your health and aesthetics?

What would you do?

Tom's or Messi's?

PS: The previous models are also for women.

Vivobarefoot Primus Trail FG: Firm Ground

Vivobarefoot Primus Trail SG: Soft Ground

The health of your feet doesn't care how tall you are.

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