I only remember you when it hurts

I only remember you when it hurts

Sometimes you need to feel pain to act.

You know you are doing something wrong, but it is the pain that moves you to change.

Today I tell you what José María did to feel relief. His feet hurt and he says this:

'The other day I remembered you.

I have had intense pain in toes 4 and 5 of one foot for 3 weeks.

The most pain I feel is when going down stairs and downhill.

So much that I walk badly, I have to change the way I rest my foot because of the pain.

And of course, this way of walking has caused pain in my big toe.

More than pain, it's as if it were inflamed. It feels like a marble where I rest it.

I have made an appointment with the doctor and I will have an x-ray in a month's time.

In short, I'm fed up, I'm fed up!

And I remembered you, because when I walk barefoot I notice that it is relieved, it hurts less.

That's why I want you to recommend me some of the shoes that you sell.

Many times you have told me that it is the closest thing to being barefoot and as barefoot it hurts less, so...

I've thought about trying foam insoles and soft Sketcher shoes, but I don't trust them.

My feet are a delicate part that needs to be looked after and I don't want to take any risks.

I want a sport minimalist shoes, but not for running.

I want them for everyday use, to wear them all the time.'

José María is a gym instructor and tells us about his problem.

That he finds relief when barefoot is a classic.

They say it many times.

But there are people who, when you make them see that minimalist shoes are the closest thing to being barefoot, they don't trust them.

The same thing happens to José María with insoles and Skechers.

The funny thing about José María is that he has known about minimalist shoes for a long time, but it wasn't until he felt pain that he remembered them.

The saying 'prevention is better than cure' is not always true.

Some people have to be cured because they didn't change their shoes in time.

And they see it clearly, but you know how it is.

'We see the chaff in someone else's eye than the beam in our own'.

Let's leave the proverbs behind and return to José María.

When he puts on his new minimalist shoes he says this:

'I have done the test to see if the size is correct and it fits me as you put in Zami.

I've put my foot forward and I can fit a toe in the back.

The first sensations are very positive, I hardly feel any pain in my toes.

Of course it's not like going barefoot, but the discomfort is negligible.

The fact that the sole is thin, but not too thin, is a good thing.

Thank you very much for the advice and for the stickers. They look very cool.

By the way, my girlfriend loved them.'


Several things.

First and the most important.

José María feels relief being barefoot and with the minimalist shoes that we recommend. They are these:

Merrell Move Glove

Also in leather: Move Glove Suede

Besides, as he is visiting a physiotherapist the recovery is going fast and well.

He uses the shoes every day, and the simple fact of walking with them is already a training for his feet.

He trains without realising it, integrated into his daily life.

After a few weeks of using his minimalist shoes, he calls and says that he can't stand his Nike shoes anymore.

Just put them on and he has to take them off the second he puts them on.

So he needs another pair of shoes that won't hurt his feet.

He has chosen the new Lems Chillum for several reasons:

Because he walks a lot and needs a mid-thickness sole (9 mm).

Because of their spring aesthetics.

And because they have a wide last, no heel and are very light.

Health always starts in your feet.

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