Video: Basic Concepts for Running Barefoot-Minimalist

The boys of Good Form Running are people who organize seminars (clinics) where they try to teach a good career technique.

Some time ago they published a brief illustrative video that explains some basic concepts about the technique natural-minimalist-barefoot, and the boys of correrdescalzos.eshave subtitled it in Spanish so that all we can enjoy it.

One of the most interesting parts of the video is the chapter on cadence, where you can observe in a comparative way how the constant cadence is kept still running at different speeds, from 7:30 min / km to 3:45 min / km. And also serves for the neophytes can get an idea of ​​how a cadence is 180 steps per minute: most think it is an exaggeratedly high cadence for low speeds, but in the video you can see how perfectly it is suitable for tan speeds Low as 7:30 min / km.

To see the subtitles you have to activate them in the Youtube player, clicking on the icon marked 'cc'.
Publicado el 01/04/2016 por @PelukoDescalzo Running Technique 2421
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