Barefoot shoes are overrated

Barefoot shoes are overrated

This is what Almudena says. Minimalist shoes are overrated.

She doesn't use this word, she uses a more emphatic one, she says that barefoot shoes are NOT miraculous.

This is her comment:

"My feet hurt.

Fasciitis or plantar fasciitis, muscle contractures,...the pain went up from my heel to my ankle..... I fell and was diagnosed with a degenerative process in the phalanx of my big toe.

Then my other foot started to hurt, but in theory there was nothing wrong with it.

When I started to walk after sitting, I could hardly walk. They had no mobility.

This is when you would expect to read that the minimalist shoes worked a miracle, but no. I bought the Xero Prio.

I bought them but thought about selling them after three days of use, I was still in pain!

I read the opinion of someone who had experienced something similar and I kept them.

A year later I put them on again.

I understood that they couldn't take the pain away overnight, after DECADES of shoes that destroyed my feet.

Gradually most of the pain went away, but some remained.

These shoes give you the opportunity to walk as you should, but not the ability.

I read about toe separators, but they were uncomfortable,
so I tried toe socks.

And it stopped hurting!

Because the toes stopped riding on top of each other and I could plant my foot the way it was supposed to.

I never run (except if I miss the bus!) But I pay attention to how I walk and I'm relearning how to walk.

I've already got my eye on some winter boots from the same brand. I can't wait for the cold weather to arrive :)".

As I said, they are not miraculous.

Almost, but they are not.

Although if we add the correctors, toe socks and exercises, things change.

And the change brings you good things.

The shoes that Almudena chose to give her feet a second chance are the Xero Prio.

This model is one of the most versatile, although seeing what's coming, it's better to choose between one of their many sandals.

All minimalist.

All of them flexible, without drop, flat and without limiting reinforcements.

With any of them you give that second chance that your feet are asking for.


Health starts with your feet.

Antonio Caballo.

Pd. The correct toes (here), the socks (here) and the exercises (and here).

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  • Rafael Cabanes Ortega

    Rafael Cabanes 06/25/2023

    Pues si, están sobrevalorados, pero por el precio. Son carísimos. Cuestan más de lo que valen.

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