Mundoadro and how to get out of the hamster wheel

Mundoadro and how to get out of the hamster wheel

A variable environment does not expose us to injuries and illnesses caused by chronic stress.

If we walk on an irregular - not artificial - surface, no two steps will be the same.

Compare to the gym machine (treadmill) that lacks randomness and offers you the opposite: endlessly repeating the same movement.  

These phrases from Taled's book "Antifragile" have a lot to do with today's protagonist.

His name is Pablo, his nickname is Adro and in the networks he is known as @mundoadro, both on Instagram and Youtube.

He tells the story of his travels around the world in a van. His photographs and his way of seeing life will get you hooked.

Right now he is in the United States, after passing through Mexico, with an old Volkswagen.

He doesn't take two steps on the same ground, his environment is variable, yet he says:

"A end of November 2022, I stopped by your shop, I had to make a long detour, I'm from Alicante. I'm from Alicante and I was going to Algeciras, but after seeing a lot on the internet and reading all your the internet, read all your information, the guide, etc, I preferred to go to the and see it with my own eyes, or rather, with my own feet.

I have bunions, the one on my right foot is a bit more pronounced and I was really fed up with it.

Foot pain every time I went on a route.

Arriving home and more Painnn!

Knee pain.

I visited a physio, everything was fine, he told me, and finally back pain.

The truth is that at the age of 40, I wasn't liking it at all.

So I went to your shop, I bought the Merrell Trail Globe and F*CK! they have changed my life. No more pain after the trails, no more knee pain, no more lower back pain.

I use them absolutely EVERYTHING, hiking in the mountains, walking in the city, social events, in short, my day to day shoes and I am tremendously grateful for meeting you and finally acquiring this shoes.

I've been getting rid of all my shoes to the point that I only have the Merrell and some sandals that I bought just before. They are new and I wanted to use them still, but every time I feel the fat soles more and more and I do not like them, so the next sandals will clearly be minimalist.

Also I also got some Injinji socks, they're my favourite. I'm still using the others, until they break, but come on, I'm very clear about what I'm going to wear forever on my feet.

A big hug and thank you for putting me out of my misery".

If you move on paths, countryside or nature, where every step is different, wearing shoes with a FAT sole that doesn't let you feel the ground, the result is the same as if you always move on asphalt.

If you lack that randomness (what a word) that your evolved monkey feet expect so much, you will have the same stimulus as a hamster spinning on a wheel.

In other words, Zero.

Maybe that's what Adro was missing.

Leave the cushioned shoes and feel the environment, allowing the base of his body (his feet) to be stable at all times, as well as his knees and therefore his posture.

Something as simple as a change of footwear meant that his aches and pains began to subside.

And most importantly, without stopping doing what he loves most: travelling.

With the Merrell Trail Glove he got it, because they have the right balance between protection and sensations for any terrain.

With them you will be able to move anywhere feeling your steps.

The health and stability of your knees starts with your feet.

Antonio Caballo.

Pd. Adri talks about changing sandals.
The one that most resembles his Merrell are the Lunas Oso Flaco.

With them you will be able to move on any terrain feeling your steps.
The toe socks are these: injinji.

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