Walking at 76 without a dumb finger

Walking at 76 without a dumb finger

Today, turning 76 years old is not a challenge in itself.

It is, having them and feeling active as a young man of 30.

Maria writes the following:

- Hi! The shoes are here. They're beautiful! An impressive quality, very comfortable and warm, for the cold Dutch autumn.

- Now, I have a question. In the Lems Chukka I have a little more space than one finger (the index finger) when I try them on with socks. Is this how they should look?

Ángel answers:

⁃ Yes, it is necessary to have extra space, this way the toes can move freely and do a correct expansion.

⁃ It can be said that the feet have two sizes:

⁃ One. Without movement, which is how we usually try on our shoes.

⁃ Two. With movement. Walking and running, the feet arch expands out and the size of the foot changes, it is as if it grows.

María adds:

- Of course, it makes perfect sense. Thank you very much! I'm very happy with the purchase.

- As my father.

- He's amazed at how comfortable it is to walk with his old Lems Primal 2 (which I also bought from you).

- He had a pair of Asics trainers that my mother had bought him, but when he walked he complained of a pain in his big toe.

- He even got a purple toe.

- When he changed to the Lems, it went away.

- Now he can walk distances of 11-12km in peace.

- Not bad for a man of his age (76 years olds).

Mary's father is a example of how the movement is the basis of life.

It doesn't matter how old you are.

We must walk, bend over, crawl with the grandchildren on the ground, run...

I would love to reach that man's age and be able to walk half that distance.

As it is commonly said:

Where do I have to sign?

With barefoot or minimalist I'm sure I have more possibilities.

The Lems Primal 2 used by the Maria's father is used by many people to start with.

You can use them for everyday and also for running or do sport.

Their features make them a comfortable shoe as well as functional. A multipurpose shoe.

At first your feet are weak and need a little comfort so that they don't complain too much.

Feel some pain after working your feet is also normal. As after a well training day at gym.

And if it's cold, do as Maria does, the Lems Chukka.


Health starts with your feet.

Lems Boots

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